Ode to Over-Thinking (A Poem of Paranoia)

I’m like Chernobyl on the outside
Vesuvius on the inside
I may look like I don’t care
But the truth is au contraire
I play it as cool as a Russian winter
But deep within my mind, my thoughts are splintered

Too much going on
Too much to act upon
So I sit and I think and I simply wonder
Incessant rumination; so much to ponder
Times like this, I wish I weren’t so damned paranoid
But if I weren’t, how’d I know what trouble to avoid?

So if I ever space out and go all quiet
It’s because inside my head, there’s a raging riot
I won’t talk about it, ’cause that might freak you out
But if you really wanna know, I might seek you out
I’m like a dormant volcano; all these voices in my head
Speaking over one another, yet leaving so much unsaid

Bubbling rapidly and threatening to overflow
If the heat gets too intense, this whole joint might blow
Thoughts flying at the speed of light
When they reach boiling point, you’d best skedaddle, alright?
So don’t say I didn’t give you fair warning
Straight from the horse’s mouth, fresh as the morning

But if you ever got something you need analyzed
Picked apart, ripped to shreds and perhaps, rhapsodized
I’m the one to call — hell, I’m an expert at this game
I don’t gotta advertise; bitch, you know my name
Just answer my questions and I’ll scrutinize
But there’s no guarantee that I won’t dramatize

Moral of the story? Yeah, I over-think
But I could use that to help you find a missing link
Zombies want my brains; they’re so well-churned
But if that ever happens…well, I did you a good turn
So remember me when you reminisce
In the meantime, I’ll return to over-thinking shizz


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