What’s the Story?

My name is Cheryl Marie Tay, and I was born, bred and based in Singapore, where I’ve lived my entire life. After years of writing for a living, I decided to return to writing for leisure. Here, there are no rules, though I do promise to uphold the following:

1. Proper grammar.

2. Relevant / important / interesting content (I understand this is subjective).

3. Thorough research, whenever necessary.

4. Informed opinions.

I am, however, still paid to write and edit. So if you need anything written and / or edited in a professional capacity, feel free to email me.

As this blog’s name suggests, its contents are written with unabashed frankness, and utter disregard for the eggshells I have often been expected to tiptoe around. Therefore, if you are easily offended, I would advise you not to continue reading.

I welcome all comments, barring irrelevance, abuse and spam. And if you have any requests as to what you would like me to write about, I would love to hear from you.

I hope my writing makes you smile, laugh and — most importantly — think.

Yours Irreverently,



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